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IRCC will be launching 2 new 5 year Caregiver immigration Pilot Program

IRCC will be launching 2 new 5 year Caregiver immigration Pilot Program later this year announcement made by minister on 23rd February 2019

Key lights:

  • Caregivers will soon have access to 2 new 5-year caregiver immigration pilots that will replace expiring and ineffective pilot programs in Nov 2019.

  • The new pilots will allow caregivers to come to Canada together with their family and provide a pathway to permanent residence.

  • Caregivers will also soon have greater flexibility to change jobs quickly

  • Under the new pilots, applicants will be assessed for permanent residence criteria before they begin working in Canada.

  • Once the caregiver has their work permit and 2 years of work experience, they will have access to a direct pathway to become a permanent resident.

Quick facts:

  • The processing time for new applications from those who were grandfathered into the LCP (Live in Caregiver) is 12 months instead of the peak of 60 months previously.

  • Applications under the Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots continue to be processed in 6 months or less.

  • Both the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot will launch later this year and have a maximum of 2,750 principal applicants each, for a total of 5,500 principal applicants, per year

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