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Frequently Asked Questions



As a client, how can you trust our work?

We are authorized by Immigration Consultants of Canadian Regulatory Council (ICCRC) which is the only regulatory body by Canadian government. We are bound to follow rules and policies.

Do you guarantee the work done?

We guarantee that we can provide best and timely services to our clients. You can retain our services only if you qualify, we don’t accept cases that we do not believe qualify. We can never assure the outcome and the decision of visa officer. Our payment plan is such, that you do not pay unless a particular step in immigration is achieved.

How much are our professional charges?

Our professional charges are fair, competitive and are as per our quality of work. Each client’s case is different and our team of professionals assess the case thoroughly at initial stage.

How can a prospective client contact us and get started?

There are various methods to contact us. You can contact us by phone, email, whatsapp, facebook, skype. Our first interaction and assessment is absolutely FREE. Once this is done, then an agreement is drawn and after acceptance, we begin the process.

How and when the payments made by client?

Our first meeting and assessment is absolutely FREE, the payment plans are written in the agreement. Payments can be made by wire transfers, cheques and online.

Do you have offices in other cities and other parts of the world?

Yes, we have offices in other cities and countries. For details visit contact us. But for accurate and genuine assessment, guidance contact us.

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