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How to improve your IELTS score?

Students and their parents remain asking how to improve IELTS score. Sometimes you are short by 0.5 band or by 1 band, and you can’t get admission in colleges or universities abroad and sometimes you are not able to apply for work permit or permanent residency. Below are few inputs which can help you to improve your scores:-

  1. Put in an habit of reading good English newspaper about 30 mins daily, but ready it loudly. Sound should reach your ears.

  2. Write & find out the meaning of atleast 20 vocabulary words daily and try to remember them.

  3. Watch English news channels and English movies twice in a week.

  4. Read some good articles in English newspaper, magazines, articles on internet in which you have interest like: sports, health, education, business, politics etc. This will improve your knowledge and help you in writing and speaking modules.

I hope these little inputs will increase your band score and don’t forget practise the key to success.

To get more inputs please email at: or visit: or call at: +1-778-680-3008


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