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OSES is one-stop solution for Caregiver's Training, Permanent Residency, Study Visa, Spousal Open Work Permits, Spousal PR Applications, Parents PR applications, Visitor Visa in Ludhiana & Jagraon since 2001

At OSES our clients & students receive personal attention from their first counselling session till their departure for overseas experience at very reasonable fees. Our website: is very helpful.

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Under two new pilot programs — Home Child Care Provider (NOC:4411) and Home Support Worker (NOC: 4412), Caregivers can come to Canada on occupation-specific work permits, rather than employer-specific, which means if they want they can change employers.

Spouse will get open work permit and children will get study permits

No need of LMIA, but the employer offering job should be financially sound to meet the expense of hiring a Caregiver.


Caregivers’ work permits are expected to be processed in 12 months under new program.

A total of 5,500 applications would be processed in a year, plus their immediate family.

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